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Portland Beachside Recovery Center works around your unique needs and situation to craft an addiction recovery program that’s as customizable as it is flexible. Our idyllic location amidst to sprawl of downtown Portland is just the location you need to get through the stages of addiction recovery. Our drug rehab center provides an oasis of calm within the busy streets of the city. Portland Beachside Recovery Center specializes in allowing you to come in for treatment on your own schedule to enable you to keep your commitments at work, school, and home. Whatever your limitations, we will help you come up with a habitual recovery schedule that will keep you busy on the road to a fulfilling and jubilant life.

Customized Addiction Treatment Programs

In addition to being flexible as far as your daily life is concerned, our addiction treatment facility utilizes personalized recovery plans to give you the best chance at being able to stay sober indefinitely. You will meet with a personal and professional addiction expert that will work with you to manufacture the course of action that will lead to long-term sobriety. No two addictions are the same, and no two addiction treatment programs should be either. Your individual addiction therapist will ask you about your past in order to uncover and address the root cause of your addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health

To be able to fully recover, you must be able to analyze and treat its underlying causes. Uncovering this information relies on your complete and total honesty. If you are not transparent, our specialists will not know what treatment style is best for your particular situation. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment is employed to treat any underlying mental disorders that nearly half of people with addictions suffer from. These include depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. With a carefully constructed addiction treatment plan, you will be able to get down to the deep causes of your substance abuse and overcome it over your lifetime of sobriety.

Holistic Wellness Therapy

At Portland Beachside Recovery center we promote stress-reducing holistic wellness techniques to improve your mental health and release vital neurotransmitters that will teach your brain how to seek reward in natural and healthy ways. Some of these activities include yoga, meditation, art, music, and hiking. Basically anything that reduces stress, releases endorphins, and contributes to your overall health is promoted at our drug rehab.

Safety & Care

Our drug rehab clinic is dedicated to providing the cleanest and safest rehab in Portland. Our caring, compassionate, and experienced addiction experts are always nearby to help you with anything you need during sessions that are planned around your schedule. Our facility is extremely organized and cleaned daily. It is the perfect place for a serene rehabilitation experience away from your hectic, busy, and turbulent life. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, Portland Beachside Recovery Center is the perfect place for you to reflect thoughtfully while being treated for your ailments. Addiction doesn’t waste any time, give us a call today to take back your life and achieve long-term sobriety.



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